Determining a Fit

  1. Before we take on a new relationship, we meet with the prospective client(s) to see if they are fit for our practice and vice versa. We believe this approach results in a productive experience on both sides.

  2. Given the small size of our practice which is intentional, we owe it to our clients that they maintain our full attention before we add a new client.

Advisory Relationships

Most of our business is conducted on a fee based platform where our client is charged a fee based on the value of her assets under management as opposed to a commission per trade. We believe this fosters objectivity and aligns our interests with those of the client.

  • Fee schedule available upon request.


Discover Process
Strategy formulation
Asset allocation

This is a proprietary, goals based planning tool that we use to help guide our clients especially when they anticipate and/or are undergoing a major life change event. We also use this to supplement the client onboarding process (as detailed below).


Learning about you, your family, and complete financial picture.

Strategy formulation

Developing a plan to help you reach your goals.

Asset Allocation

Calibrating our bucket approach so that it resonates with your everyday concerns and today’s marketplace.


Putting these ideas to practice once we determine the right allocations.


Ensuring you are on track and making changes along the way if necessary.

Most importantly, it provokes an ongoing dialogue between us and the client and enhances the client’s experience working with us.

Diversified Stock Income Plan

For the bulk of our clients’ market risk bucket which accompanies a 3-5 year time horizon, we utilize the DSIP strategy.

DSIP focuses on high quality, industry leading companies that we believe will provide consistent dividend growth over a long-term investment horizon. By focusing on dividend growth, our goal is to help our clients stay ahead of the wealth-eroding effects of inflation.

*The Diversified Stock Income Plan (DSIP) is a preselected, regularly reviewed list of stocks with attractive yields, chosen because of the likelihood of the companies to consistently raise annual dividends. When looking for companies to include on the list, the "Wells Fargo Advisors Advisory Services Group" goal is to find stocks with attractive current yields that are likely to result in a growing stream of income over time while taking into consideration company fundamentals. The stocks on the list are categorized according to sector to facilitate construction of a well-diversified portfolio across various sectors. With a package of such stocks, we are seeking a relatively lower risk way for conservative income and growth-oriented equity investors to potentially keep up with the rising cost of living. Of course dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to change or elimination.

Ancillary strategies

Depending on the risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, and legacy goals of the client, we may adopt other strategies to supplement DSIP.